Have you thought about installing Solar PV on your home or business premises?

Are you contracting to build new homes that need to meet renewable energy levels?

Solar PV Installations, which generate electricity for your property, are a great way to save money and help the environment.

The benefits of Solar PV

Solar PV installations use the sun's energy and turns it into useable electricity for your home or business. The electricity is generated from sunlight so can still work on cloudy and winter days. There are some great benefits for installing Solar PV:


Cut your electricity bills

Using the electricity generated by the Solar Panels from the Sun means you won't be using electricity from the grid.

Get paid for generation

The governments Feed-in Tariff scheme means you get paid for every unit of electricity that is generated.

Sell back to the Grid

Through the Feed-in Tariff you can sell surplus electricity generated by the Solar PV back to the grid

Cut your Carbon Footprint

Solar PV is a green renewable energy and doesn't release harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere

Designing and Quoting

We can design, quote and advise on your proposed Solar PV installation, providing you a full breakdown of costs and an estimate of savings you could make, with no obligation. 

Solar PV can be installed on pitched and flat roofs, in-roof and ground mounted. Systems can start as small as 1kWp, although our recommendation is to install 2kWp (8 panels) and upwards for maximum benefit. Systems can be monitored via App and battery saving can be added to store the excess energy for later use.

If you are building new, then Solar PV is a great way to meet your renewable energy planning requirements and an additional selling point for the future.


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